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This is the best pencil set I've ever owned!!! I've been drawing since i was in grade school and know a thing or two about graphite and charcoal pencils. Everything you need is inside of the well contained case. I love it. Recommended!


They are fine quality paints that mix and blend perfectly and leave for a beautiful end product once you allow the paint to dry. Due to the durability and variability of acrylic paints, you can make an assortment of arts and different effects and it will come out perfectly every time!

Truly good quality and worth the money, I really enjoyed using these paints and lets face it, painting is a family activity that any person of any age can enjoy!

Angelique Gonzales-Sage

My husband and I took a couple of wine and paint classes and had so much fun, we wanted to do some more at home watching you tube! So we've started with the basics and this will be our fun indoor activity this winter!